VIDEO: What Bill Clinton Just Told Bernie Supporters Will Give Hillary a STROKE

Bill Clinton has made some serious missteps during his wife’s campaign for presidency — from lobbying too close to a polling place to new stories of his visiting “orgy Island,” the former president seems to have forgotten the rules that this job entails.

Now, he’s made another questionable decision that could result in a ton of lost votes for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On Friday, during a speech in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Bill Clinton told Bernie Sanders supporters that if they don’t trust the system then they shouldn’t vote.

“As Democrats our job is to come together and we’re about the future and not the past. And we want a future we can all share,” he said. “More than 90 percent of the people who served with both of them have endorsed Hillary.

“If you believe as they did that it’s all because they’re part of some political establishment, there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats, you shouldn’t vote for her,” he added.

That’s the first time we recall ever hearing a presidential campaign attempting to employ reverse psychology on voters.

The delegate system has been criticized by Sanders supporters, and this was apparently Bill Clinton’s feeble attempt to defend the Democrat Party delegate system — but it may have backfired in a huge way. He actually told Sander’s supporters not to vote for his wife.

Media outlets have been trying to get a clear answer from the Clinton campaign on if and when she will try to unite the current divide among Democrat voters. Many voters are Bernie or Bust, #NeverHillary — so shouldn’t her campaign be focusing on uniting the supporters behind one Democrat candidate rather than telling them not to bother heading to the polls at all?

In case you can’t believe he actually said it — and trust me, we’re still struggling to — here’s the video:

This is probably the worst thing Bill could have done for Hillary’s campaign. Well, aside from some sort of reunion tour with Monica Lewinsky, anyway.

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