Viral Internet Picture Absolutely DESTROYS Hillary – She Wants It GONE!

The story of Bambi was a particularly scarring one for many children, whose mother was killed by a hunter, leaving Bambi all alone. This released meme has gone viral to make people laugh, while also denoting the suspicious deaths that have piled up during Hillary Clinton’s pursuit of power.

In the picture, which takes place right before the pivotal death scene, alludes that Bambi’s mother has information against Hillary that could destroy her and so Hillary hires a “hunter” to kill her. This represents the many people, with ties to Hillary Clinton, that have unexpectedly died.


One example is Seth Rich, who was gunned down in his neighborhood in Washington D.C., the aftermath of his death causing many conspiracy theories to spring forth. They even had to hire someone to dissuade unproven theories from coming forth.

Rich was a DNC director of voter expansion, and was selected to work on Clinton’s presidential campaign four days before his murder. Many believe that the DNC staffer is yet another body added to the string of deaths that surround Hillary Clinton.

But has linked 33 of the most mysterious deaths to Bill and Hillary Clinton. One or two… that could be chalked up to coincidence. But 33? If that’s not suspicious, I don’t know what is.

Some of the names of these people include:

Shawn Lucas, who claimed Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the primary for Clinton. Less than a month later he was found dead.

Victor Thorn, authored four books on the Clinton: The Sex Volume, the Murder Volume, the Drugs Volume, and the Crowning Volume. Throne reportedly committed suicide.

The list goes on and on, some of the deaths are very gruesome to say the least. Like Gareth Williams, a man who illegally hacked secret data on Bill Clinton was found naked, padlocked, and stuffed in a 32-inch by 19-inch stuffed duffel bag in his bathtub in London.

Scotland Yard ruled it as a suicide, claiming he locked himself into the duffel bag. But the lock and the edge of the bathtub had none of his fingerprints.

All of these people, who had irrefutable ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton were killed or committed suicide. And somehow none of this raises an eyebrow in the mainstream media. Why?

Because they are lobbying for her to become President, and refuse to say anything against her. But can you blame them? They are terrified of ending up just like these  victims of the Clinton’s because they wanted to expose the truth.

If Clinton is elected President, this will happen more and more often. She will hold one of the most powerful seats in the world.

Say goodbye to your mother, Bambi, because if she speaks against Hillary Clinton…she’s getting gunned down.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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