Vote Fraud Alert Wisconsin Delegates May Switch

Theresa A. Bennett Wisconsin please watch your votes. The corrupt people want to steal delegates. Watch be careful. Donald Trump is what we need to get America back on track. VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP!

Susan Nixon said: You got to ask yourself, are you really better off, safer, where you want to be, have a secure job,prosperous, a “voice”, Matter to the Government, feel restricted, listened to, can make your own decisions regarding your family/schools/where you live/church & religious freedom/how to raise your family or Lied to? Then if you are, vote for someone else besides Trump. How much longer are you going to “wait” to see, be and actually be secure from the ” consistent” unkept promises of the decades of corrupt politician’s have not done for you? If you really know, feel, suspect or unsure about your own future and well being then Trump is your guy. Vote for Trump, actually go vote. It is for “you” you are voting for. Once you vote for someone like Cruz and Kasich, you will be forgotten, considered a State problem and still be “waiting ” Not with Trump, he will not forget, leave you behind, take care of you and be honest throughout. Trump speaks the Truth. Vote for Trump, vote for you and yours.

Sounds like the GOP trying to trick the voters. BE AWARE WISCONSIN!!!

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