Washington Times columnist ‘comes clean’ about Ted Cruz’s mistresses

It wasn’t Donald Trump who spilled the beans as Ted Cruz expected. Instead, it was the National Enquirer who first ran the story about Cruz and his alleged mistresses. The magazine teased the story in a two-page spread, but for social media, it was all too easy to decipher the blurred profile images (through reverse image search). Drew Johnson claims to have inside information about at least two women who were implicated in the magazine.

“COMING CLEAN: From what I know, at least 2 of the women named as Cruz mistresses by the National Enquirer are accurate #TRUMP #CRUZ #TCOT”

From a Washington Times columnist:

While it’s still unclear who the women are, Twitter seems to have identified who 3 of the 5 are:

If Twitter is correct, at least one of the names identified on the social media site have gone silent since the story.

Could this explain why Heidi Cruz was found in a park crying?

National Enquirer journalist who a Pulitzer for John Edwards love child story first broke the story.

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