WATCH – 1.5 Million Evacuated For Hurricane Matthew, Trump Issues POWERFUL Response

Donald Trump showed the hallmarks of a true leader and a warmhearted American in his response to the unfolding natural disaster of Hurricane Matthew. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, seems to want to blame the Republican for hurricanes and the death and destruction they cause.

The outsider presidential candidate took to the podium not to blast his opponent in the midst of Hurricane Matthew but to offer his prayers and condolences for the victims. Hillary Clinton, who is either home resting, doing debate prep, or both, has not found time for such a moment of human kindness.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew, namely in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, and we encourage everyone to listen to their governors and local emergency officials urging the evacuations of at-risk coastal communities,” Donald Trump said. “These warnings are very, very serious — if your home is in the path of the hurricane and you are being advised to leave, you need to do so right now. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family.”

How did Hillary Clinton address the millions of Americans in the path of Hurricane Matthew? She decided to take advantage of a captive audience seeking information of the movements and intensity of the hurricane by buying up huge amounts of airtime for her campaign ads on the Weather Channel.

Not very presidential, Mrs. Clinton. Not by a long shot. The last thing Americans fearing for their lives, property, and businesses needed was more political rhetoric on their television screens.

“I would also like to offer my thanks to the law enforcement, first responders, and power crews making the necessary preparations for the storm and carrying out their plans to help our communities survive and recover in the aftermath,” Donald Trump also said. As of Friday early afternoon, one Florida resident was lost due to the storm and nearly 300 were killed in Haiti.

As Hurricane Hermine hit just weeks ago, Hillary Clinton also tried to turn the natural disaster into a partisan political talking point. She essentially told the victims of the hurricane to blame Donald Trump for the fear they sustained and all their losses.

“I also want to extend my personal condolences to those families in Haiti who lost loved ones as this storm tore through their island. The news reports that over a hundred people are feared dead saddens us all, and the United States should offer our assistance to help our island neighbors,” Trump added in his message about Hurricane Matthew. “Please stay safe.”

Why was the weather Donald Trump’s fault? Because he is not a climate change fanatic. Even if Trump believed, as Hillary and Obama do, that climate change is as much as a threat to our lives as ISIS, his personal views would not have stopped the winds from swirling rapidly or the rushing of strong water towards the shore.

As previously reported by The Angry Patriot, Hillary Clinton’s comments after Hurricane Hermine were not only callous and wholly inappropriate, but they were wrong. NOAA and NASA scientists have stated the number and intensity of hurricanes has been on the decline since 1985, and they noted we had been experiencing a “hurricane drought.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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