WATCH – 1 Powerful Country Says Trump Is RIGHT, Starts Building ‘Great Wall’ to Stop Illegals

As the progressive left continues its attempt to label Donald Trump a “racist” for wanting to secure both the United States’s southern border and sovereignty, European nations are being forced by circumstances beyond their control to execute the very same acts there that Trump is calling for here.

In an ironic twist of fate for progressives in the United States, the United Kingdom – in cooperation with the French government – has begun construction on what is being called the “great wall,” as reported by This wall will be erected near the porous border in Calais, France, and its purpose is to keep illegal migrants – mostly Middle Eastern refugees – from gaining access to vehicles preparing to cross the English Channel.

Yes, as knee-jerk, politically correct, lemming, progressive idiots clamor about the security wall Donald Trump wants to construct in order to protect us from nefarious forces seeking to enter our country and do U.S. citizens harm, the United Kingdom and France are doing the exact same thing for the exact same reasons. And these countries are the ones progressives turn to as examples for America.

The UK is spending more than £2 million ($2.6 million) on the project to erect a 13-foot high barrier – a wall – along both sides of the main road into the northern French port. That’s $2.6 million for a security border fence.

The plans for this endeavor were revealed in early September. Construction is expected to be completed – and the security wall manned and operational – by the end of the year, according to the BBC.

The wall was designed to prevent illegal migrants from the nearby “Jungle” refugee camp from attacking and stopping traffic as they attempt to hijack trucks and cars to make illegal entries into the United Kingdom.

The security wall will be constructed of smooth concrete to make it difficult to scale. It will be extended by security fences—many of which are already in place.

The population of the “Jungle” refugee camp has surged to more than 10,000 Middle Easterners. Violence among and attributable to this group has shot up as refugees become more audacious and brazen in their attempts to enter the UK.

What is truly disingenuous is that the progressive left in the United States refuses to admit what its Socialist brethren in Europe have been forced to swallow as fact. Without sovereign and secure borders, aggressive interlopers can wreak havoc on society, culture, and community, making it impossible for those invaded nations to even think about benevolence.

As we are all witness to now, the construction of a border security wall is not “racist.” Instead, it enables the host nation to actually execute benevolence to those who are truly deemed worthy, even as it keeps the nefarious characters – drug cartel members, terrorists, human traffickers, etc. – at bay.

The United Kingdom and France are proving Donald Trump right just as they prove his detractors to be disingenuously political in their labeling of Trump as “racist.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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