WATCH – 1 Week Before Election, Trump Releases Powerful ‘Obamacare’ Alert to Voters

Obamacare was already an important aspect for most of the 2016 presidential election, but the release of massive premium and deductible increases has moved it to the forefront of the race. Americans across the country were shocked to find out just how much more the federal government will force them to pay for even mediocre coverage in 2017.

The viral new video doesn’t need to utter a single sentence of campaign rhetoric to get its valuable point across. Obamacare is NOT affordable, and it is likely to cost you more than your mortgage payment!

The Obamacare rate hikes are even larger than anticipated. Americans making around $74,000 will have to pay more than $500 a month for a policy—and stomach a deductible around $13,000!

Americans who make about $100,000 per year will be paying approximately $1,000 per month for an “Affordable Care Act” policy in 2017. They too will have a deductible that will force them to pay a little more than $13,000 out-of-pocket for medical services.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” is shaping up to be the biggest lie ever told in politics. Millions of Americans lost their doctors and even access to their local hospitals due to out-of-network doctors in 2016.

Next year, it will be even worse, folks. Due to the high costs and monstrous red tape involved with offering a plan to the ACA exchanges, the bulk of major healthcare insurance providers have pulled out of the system.

In many states, Americans seeking coverage on the plan will have only one or in some cases two providers to choose from. Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are just some of the mega health insurance companies who have pulled out of the Obamacare marketplace.

Why did they leave? Because no company can afford to sustain millions of dollars in losses year after year. While the Obamacare companies were losing money, Americans were getting sick, either because they could no longer afford a policy or because they couldn’t afford to use it!

Many of the health insurance carriers who agreed to continue offering plans on the ACA marketplace were granted permission to increase their premiums in some states to a tune of 30 percent OR MORE by the federal government.

The states guaranteed to see some of the biggest premium and deductible hikes include Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, and Texas.

Obamacare rate increases are expected to increase by more than 50 percent in other states including Arizona, Illinois, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Maine are predicted to see hikes of at least 20 percent.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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