WATCH: 17-Year-Old Video Shows How Trump Really Treats Minorities… Media Calls Blackout

Now that Donald Trump has become the Republican presidential nominee and continued talking about ending illegal immigration, the liberal establishment has taken to calling him an incorrigible racist.

However, before he had declared his political affiliation, what were they calling him?

Well, if this 17-year-old video of the Rev. Jesse Jackson is to be believed, “friend,” “effective builder of people,” and a model for “people on Wall Street to represent diversity.”

Oh, how words change when you deign to cross the left.

The comments came during Rev. Jackson’s introduction of Trump during a speech at the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition, Jackson’s liberal political action group. The Daily Caller reported that the group was a “multi-racial, multi-issue, progressive, international membership organization fighting for social change.”

In the speech, which was archived in full on C-SPAN’s website, Jackson lauded Trump for his efforts on behalf of addressing racism.

Watch a clip of the introduction here (because no one in the mainstream media is going to show this to you):

“We need your building skills, your gusto,” Jackson said in reference to Trump, before saying he could serve as an example for “people on Wall Street to represent diversity.”

“He is deceptive in that his social style is of such, one can miss his seriousness and commitment to success, which is beyond argument,” Jackson said of the real estate mogul.

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