WATCH: A Trump Supporter Walks Through Hell

Anti-Trump protests, which have become a mainstay at the billionaire’s rallies, have taken a turn for the dangerous and vulgar. At a recent event in Burlingame, California, protesters became so agitated that Trump was forced the abandon his motorcade and sneak into a back entrance to the venue. Police arrested five of the protesters.

Despite that obvious attempts to intimidate Trump and his supporters, not everyone is backing down. Christopher Conway, a Trump backer and Burlingame resident, decided to take the fight to the left. Donning his “make America great again” hat and shouting “Trump”, Conway ran a gauntlet of physical and verbal abuse by walking straight through a gathering of angry leftists.

As Conway pressed through the motley mob of left-wing agitators, he told cameras he would not be intimidated. “This is my hometown, this is Burlingame, and I ain’t scared of nobody.”

Watch a Trump supporter walk through hell:

***WARNING: Language not safe for work***

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