WATCH: ABC Host Calls Out Gun-Control Senator On Live TV: ‘Would That Have Done…’

Like Pavlov’s dogs, liberals have salivated and jumped up and down on cue in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack in their frenzy to enact stricter gun control measures. It’s yet another effort to use a crisis of confidence in our national security apparatus to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

On ABC’s “This Week,” host Jonathan Karl challenged Sen. Chris Murphy, who has used the massacre at a gay nightclub by a radical Islamic extremist to promote legislation further restricting a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

“Your proposal would have done nothing,” said Karl. “You’re pushing a bill and have been pushing the bill that will be voted on on Monday to close the so-called ‘gun show loophole.’ Would that have done anything to stop the massacre in Orlando?” he asked Murphy.

The Democrat senator from Connecticut responded, “So, it may have in the sense that if you partner it together with a bill that stops terrorists from getting guns,” before being cut off by ABC’s chief White House correspondent.

“But wait a minute, [the Orlando shooter] didn’t buy those guns at a gun show. And he would have passed the background, he did pass a background check,” Karl said.

Murphy acknowledged that Omar Mateen pass a background check through the federal database, but then the liberal lawmaker attempted to spin his argument with speculation about what might have been.

“If the Feinstein bill was in effect, the FBI could have put him on the list of those prohibited from getting guns. And what if he went into the gun store and was denied, then he could have just gone online or to a gun show and bought another weapon.”

But Karl continued to hammer away, retorting, “But what I’m trying to get at, and we hear every time there’s one of these terrible tragedies, there’s these proposals. Your proposal would have done nothing in the case in Orlando, it would have done nothing in the killing in San Bernardino, and in fact, is unrelated to the killing in Newtown.”

“So why, why are we focusing on things that have nothing to do with the massacres that we are responding to,” he asked the 42-year-old junior senator, who had previously staged a 15-hour filibuster on the floor of the upper chamber to put pressure on Republican leadership to schedule votes on new gun measures.

“I think if this proposal had been in effect, it may have stopped this shooting. But we can’t get into the trap in which we are forced to defend a proposal simply because it didn’t stop the last tragedy,” Murphy said, adding, “We should make the gun laws less full of Swiss cheese holes so future killings don’t happen. That trap is an impossible one.”

You can watch Karl’s interview with Sen. Murphy here.

h/t: Daily Caller

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