WATCH – Actress Walks Off-Set of Pro-Hillary Clinton Ad, It’s PERFECT!

An anti-Hillary Clinton PAC just released a 30-second commercial of a young black actress who just could not bring herself to utter kind words about the career politician, so she walked off the set and out of a job. The hilarious ad is now airing in Ohio and Pennsylvania – two of the all-important swing states.

“There is so much at stake in this election, and that’s why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy and… Can we cut?” the millennial African-American actress said in the beginning of the ad before giving in to her conscience and walking off the stage.

The ad highlights Hillary’s history of dishonesty and the lack enthusiasm for her candidacy. The actress was asked why on earth she couldn’t read the simple lines required for the gig after she walked off the set.

“I can’t say these words,” the actress said.“I just don’t believe what I’m saying.” The director then questions her further, “But you’re an actress.”

The writers inked perhaps the best line ever when they typed what came next in the exchange, “I’m not that good of an actress.” As the actress exits the frame of the camera entirely, she mutters just loud enough to hear, “Honest and trustworthy. Give me a break.”

“Some people are better liars than others,” read the banner scrolling across the screen at the end of the anti-Hillary commercial entitled, “Cut.”

Hillary Clinton’s honest and trustworthy poll numbers remain abysmal. Even the New York Times was forced to admit the former first lady’s “lack of enthusiasm” and “outright resistance” in some cases could cause millennials—specifically minority millennials—to shun her come election day.

In many states, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania in particular, Hillary Clinton’s support among both millennials and minority voters is far less than what Obama enjoyed during his two runs for the oval office.

The Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC threw $335,000 into the new ad. In addition to airing in Ohio and Pennsylvania, it will also be published in digital format for internet viewing in other significant battleground states.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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