WATCH: All Hell Breaks Loose When Black Trump Voter Drops Bombshell on CNN Panel

Donald Trump has a way of exposing deep seated liberal hypocrisy in ways no one could have imagined. Trump’s latest revealing act came when he pointed to an African-American at one of his rallies and referred to him as “my African-American.”

The liberal pundits absolutely lost their minds over that and reached out to every race-baiter in America they could find who would condemn Trump’s remarks as being racist and terrible.

CNN was no exception to this as the network together a panel of African-Americans to talk about Trump’s comments. Unfortunately for them, one of the panelists was an African-American who supports Trump.

As you could probably guess, thinks got very tense very quickly when Pastor Darrell Scott proceeded to defend Trump’s remark, calling it a “term of endearment.”

CNN’s own Tara Setmayer shot back, saying this was just plain wrong and that it was proof Trump was racist and bringing racial politics into the campaign. That’s when things really went downhill.

“You’re trying to act like you’re not aware of the racial climate in America! … The only reason I stand out as a Trump supporter is because I’m black!” yelled Scott.

He was absolutely correct. Liberals claim to be for equality, but they treat African-American Trump supporters (and Hispanic Trump supporters for that matter) has abominations who need to be squashed from existence.

“You find me an aberration because I’m black and I support Trump!” concluded Scott.

Many Trump supporters who aren’t white have described how they are yelled and screamed at by racist liberals who can’t understand why they would support Trump.

It turns out that liberals only accept you if you aren’t white and you agree with everything you say. The moment you choose to believe in something different, they view you as the enemy who must be destroyed before you bring down their system of control.

Trump has many African-American supporters, and they shouldn’t be ridiculed just because of their race. That is the real racism that is happening here.

H/T Fox News

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