WATCH – Amazing New Video Exposes Hillary’s RACISM, It’s Going Massively Viral!

Videos attacking Hillary are starting to pop up from every crack in the ground, and out of the mix I have found a true gem.

While Hillary attacks Donald Trump as a racist, her history is far more racist than any aspect of Trump’s… and this video puts it out there for everyone to see…

Donald Trump opened up a private country club in Florida and demanded it be open to minorities and people of any religious background.

Hillary joined an all-white country club for $20,000!

Donald Trump has numerous high ranking managers in his company that are minorities, women, or both.

Hillary Clinton was mentored by a former Grand Dragon of the KKK!

Donald Trump has told Black Americans he will create an environment that will generate more jobs so they can lead a better life.

Hillary has referred to these very same African Americans as dogs and super predators!

She actually once did an off-color joke about CPT, colored people’s time… in front of a black group!

Clinton has proven over and over again she will say one thing to your face and another behind closed doors.

Just look at the disrespect she showed Sanders supporters during a rally when she thought all of her rich friends would keep it quiet!

Racists know how to create racial divide, and that is exactly what Hillary is trying to do.

That video should be playing in Times Square on a loop so everyone in the country can see how truly hypocritical and racist Hillary Clinton really is.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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