WATCH – Anti-Hillary Video is Going Hugely Viral, Hillary Wants It Hidden!

Massive coughing fits. Hidden emails. Usually most of the anti-Hillary videos to go viral have something to do with this type of subject matter. However, the newest one takes a different spin on the fatal flaws of Hillary Clinton and does it in a hilarious way that even liberals will be able to understand.

The cartoon video takes many shots at Hillary, and lands a death blow with, “Bribes sound so much nicer when you call them speaking fees.”

One of the disadvantages to these anti-Clinton videos is they usually make conservatives seethe with anger, and then liberals can play the victim card all over again.

However, since this video takes a humorous approach, it can teach you something without making your blood pressure rise to the point where you need an ER trip!

In this video, Clinton is portrayed for what she really is – a liberal elitist career politician who does what all of the liberal elitists try to do, she just does it better.

Because of that, getting angry at her for these actions is much like getting mad at a dog for barking at a cat. Each animal is behaving in the natural sense, but the dog is of course doing it with more honesty and is definitely not hiding the fact that it is, at the end of the day, just a dog.

So no, this video didn’t make me mad at Hillary, which is probably a first.

What it did do, however, is make me mad at my fellow citizens.

The reason the Clintons have rose to such a dizzying height of power would be because we the people have allowed it to happen. Americans are content to remain uninformed, and let this country become a welfare state much like the “bread and circuses” of Rome.

We could care less about where our country is headed or whether it is going to implode. We are much more content to argue over professional athletes and let this country rot. Instead of worrying about temporal things, we need to continue to be galvanized by the movement started by Donald Trump.

The Clintons need to be held accountable, and Trump is the most likely one to do it.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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