WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Bash Hillary Clinton

A large group of protesters were outside the recent Republican Gala in New York City to protest the presence of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Fox News contributor and radio host David Webb spoke to the left-wing agitators to find out what their grievances were and in addition to their vitriol for the real estate mogul, they had a message for his potential Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as well.

“She’s a liar,” one of the protesters, who also admitted to being a Bernie Sanders supporter proclaimed.

“What if Hillary is the nominee for the Democrats and Trump is the nominee for the Republicans,” Webb asked another protester.

“I’ll stay out,” the protester responded.

“Hillary Clinton is not trusted because of who she is and what she’s done over the years,” Webb told Sean on Friday’s Hannity. “When I talk to these liberals, here’s what they say. I ask them ‘what is the issue, would you vote for Hillary?’ and they say ‘no’. These are liberals.”

With all of the talk about the ability of the GOP to unite around its future presidential candidate, it looks like the Democrats are going to have some unification issues of their own.

Watch anti-Trump supporters slam Hillary Clinton:

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