WATCH – Benghazi Hero Dares Hillary To Answer The 1 Question She Fears The Most

One of the heroes of Benghazi would like to ask Hillary Clinton one simple question before election day. The chances the career politician will honor the survivor’s request are well below slim to none.

“The one question I would like to ask her is how the hell could you go to bed when your U.S. Ambassador is missing?” John “Tig” Tiegen said in a now viral video. Tiegen was one of the Americans abandoned by the then secretary of state the night radical Islamic terrorists attacked our embassy annex in Libya.

Tig wants Hillary to explain how going to sleep was more important than dealing with the ongoing attack in Benghazi. Clinton was not awake when the proverbial 3 a.m. phone call came then, and she isn’t likely to be WHEN any other crisis emerges after her bed time over the course of the next four years.

If John Tiegen was ever offered the opportunity to ask Hillary Clinton more than one question, he has a second one ready to go. “Where the hell did you come up with the video idea?”

Hillary told the nation and grieving Gold Star families that a video made by an American caused the attack, and she was going to bring the director to justice. Apparently, Clinton forgot the Constitution allows freedom of expression even when radical Islamic terrorists might take offense.

Tig is right—we all know very well the ins and outs of when and to whom Hillary tried to peddle the video story, but We the People have never been informed how such an idea ever popped into her head. The Americans who defended the secret CIA compound and the embassy annex deserve answers to ALL of their questions.

“How can you lie to Pat Smith and Charles Woods over the coffins of their children?” Tig also asked in the now viral video. Clinton and her pals in the liberal media treated the Gold Star mother horrifically and summarily dismissed both her pain and pleas for answers about her son’s murder.

John Tiegen was 100 percent accurate when he stated the obvious, at least to Americans with reasonable minds and patriotic hearts. Tig noted the intense uproar from the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump questioned why Mrs. Khan didn’t speak when her husband lambasted him during the DNC convention, wondering if the Muslim woman did not have permission by her husband to do so.

In contrast, the liberal talking heads gave Hillary Clinton a complete pass for dubbing Patricia Smith and Charles Woods “liars” and stating she blamed the Benghazi attack on a video when she knew that was not even remotely accurate.

Hillary Clinton has never met or spoken to any of the Americans who defended both themselves and other staffers in Benghazi after they were abandoned by our government. On the night of the terror attack, no one assembled in the situation room to develop an exit strategy, and Clinton and Obama apparently couldn’t even be bothered to gather in the same room to discuss the 13 hours of bloody carnage unfolding.

She is not fit to be president. Voting for Hillary Clinton would be a slap in the face to all who have and are serving and to everyone of the victims and survivors of the Benghazi attack.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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