WATCH – Bill Clinton’s ‘Illegitimate Son’ Releases URGENT Video to Voters, Please Watch

Does Bill Clinton have a “love child?” He could have many wandering around out in the world, but just one of them is reaching out in a desperate attempt to finally meet his father “and shake his hand.”

Danny Williams-Clinton is allegedly the illegitimate son of the former president and former Little Rock, Arkansas prostitute, Bobbie Ann Williams.

Both Bobbie Ann Williams and members of her entire family have reportedly passed lie detectors tests when asked if Bill Clinton is the father of her illegitimate son.

Former Arkansas State Trooper, Buddy Young, has reportedly admitted to driving Bill Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to her mom’s home in Hot Springs in 1983.

Williams’s mother was reportedly out of town at the time.

The state trooper said both he and the prostitute were paid $400 each for their services—plus a $50 tip from Hillary Clinton’s husband.

The #ClintonKid hashtag has now gone viral on Twitter.

Danny and Bill do really seem to look alike in a side-by-side photo array taken with both men posing at the same angle.

Williams-Clinton first make public claims of being Bill Clinton’s son in 1992.

Controversy surrounding the alleged validity of a DNA test has added fuel to the fire once again.

Some news agencies are reporting no test was taken because Clinton was not willing to share his DNA, and other more mainstream media publications claim a test was conducted and disproved the love child claims by the prostitute’s son.

Whether his claim is true or not, this is an absolute nightmare for the Clintons because it once again brings Bill’s infidelities into the limelight.

If it does end up to be true and Hillary shuns the “black” Clinton, it surely will not help her get the African American vote she so desperately needs.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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