WATCH: Bill Maher EXPLODES on Liberals for not standing up for gays and women in Muslim world

Bill Maher broke from the Liberal ranks once more last night when he criticized Liberals for not standing up for American principles, for fear of sounding Islamophobic.

Maher pointed out how Islamic extremists are not even comparable to Christian extremists:

“Yes, the God hates f*gs people show up with placards and posters, and they’re despicable, but they don’t show up with guns and bombs.”

“There are millions and millions of muslims around the world who are gay. Who have no one to stand up for them and I didn’t hear any of it this week. In ten Muslim countries you get the death penalty for just being gay, can we have a little perspective on this issue.”

Maher even agreed with Trump’s critique of Obama:

“Theres one thing that Trump said this week that made a little sense to me. He said, ‘I listen to Obama today and he sounded madder at me than the shooter.’ Couldn’t we just address the big elephant in the room, which is the shooter, before we go right to elephant-phobia”

You know it’s bad when even prominent Liberals are criticizing Obama for not speaking out strongly enough for American values in the response to the Orlando shooting. He contrasted Obama’s statement with a statement by the Prime Minister David Cameron after a terrorist attack in the UK.

Here is that David Cameron quote:

“We believe in respecting different faiths, but also expecting these faiths to support the British way of life. Too often we have lacked the confidence our values for fear of causing offense.”

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