WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Just Identified The Only Way Trump Can Win It All…It Makes A Lot Of Sense

When Bill Clinton first ran for president in 1992, his colorful campaign strategist James Carville coined the memorable mantra, “It’s the economy, stupid!” The rest, as they say, is history.

Now that Bill’s wife is making her run for the White House, that Carville-originated phrase and all that it suggests may again become a dominant theme in this election cycle…but one that, ironically, helps Hillary’s opponent.

That’s basically what Bill O’Reilly thinks. He told viewers of “The Factor” on Thursday that Donald Trump’s “only chance” to win the presidency rests on the economy and voters’ concerns about economic conditions in America.

According to the Gallup polling organization, economic conditions and challenges overall continue to top the list of concerns for voters. When asked to identify the nation’s “most important problem,” 38 percent of survey respondents point to the economy in the latest set of figures reported by Gallup.

On his Fox News program Thursday night, O’Reilly said that the economy hasn’t really recovered from the recession it plunged into more than eight years ago, “no matter what kind of propaganda you hear.” Still, said “The Factor” host, Hillary Clinton would continue President Obama’s failed policies of high taxes and heavy regulation.

“So Donald Trump has the economic field pretty much all to himself,” O’Reilly observed.

But what the expected GOP nominee is doing now, argued O’Reilly, won’t cut it with voters who need specifics on policies to return jobs to America and put more money in people’s pockets.

By clicking on the video below, you can watch Bill O’Reilly’s “memo” in which he says Trump will either “live or die” in his quest for the presidency based on how he sells the public on his plans to “Make America Great Again” by bringing back a vibrant economy.

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