WATCH – Bill O’Reilly SHREDS Anti-Trump Hosts of ‘The View’, Makes EPIC Pledge to Americans

Increasingly, the ladies on the View have been getting on my nerves and, like many others, I’ve simply turned off their show.

O’Reilly has taken an even bigger move against the show. Bill O’Reilly vows that he is never going to appear as a guest on the View again after their treatment of Donald J. Trump!

O’Reilly is right to point out that the show’s move to the news side of ABC is alarming. It may have been simply a move to hide the show’s dropping ratings, but it still indicates that they somehow think the show can be called news.

No, its more like gossip. It isn’t enriching to listen to some ignorant people talk about politics and it certainly isn’t newsworthy either.

Don’t get me wrong, I love gossip, probably more than I should. Soap operas and dramatic reality TV shows can be quite entertaining.

Whether the show discusses the personal life of celebrities or pits amazing chefs against each other in dramatic situations, you can count me in.

But the political sphere deserves more reverence. I could care less about a politician’s persona life, barring some kind of moral deficiency.

Neither do I want our country’s government turned into spectacle, to be blown out of proportion by people who think they should be entertaining us, rather than enriching us.

Bill O’Reilly makes an important distinction on this issue that I agree with. He thinks it perfectly acceptable for Liberal hosts of political shows to rail against Donald Trump. You know, on substantive matters like policy and cabinet appointments. But saying “he’s not right in the head” is just mud slinging.

What exactly do these ladies think their mudslinging is doing? It’s increasing the divide in this country! It’s pretending politics is about drama and insults, instead of matters that are important to every American.

There should be no room in political commentary for senseless insults that serve only to distract from our issues. Good for O’Reilly for standing up to such nonsense, and for conducting his show’s political commentary with more integrity.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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