WATCH: Black Girl Gets in Hillary’s Way… The Media Will NEVER Show What Came Next

To Hillary Clinton, black lives matter. Unless, of course, said black lives get in the way of a good photo-op. Then, black lives better get the hell out of Hillary Clinton’s way if they know what’s good for them.

That’s the lesson from Hillary Clinton’s ill-starred foray onto New York City’s subway system, where she managed to embarrass herself in a panoply of ways — some of which are just coming to light.

Take this video, which shows her staff pushing an African-American girl out of the way so that she doesn’t interrupt the photo op.

The picture takes place as Hillary is getting on the train for her two-stop campaign jaunt in the Bronx. The young African-American girl is first in line. However, it wouldn’t look good for her to be the first aboard, which is why Hillary’s people pushed her out of the way at the last possible moment, to make way for their candidate’s dramatic entrance onto the 4 train.

Take a look:

And what did the media say? Absolutely nothing, of course. Who do you think this was, Ted Cruz?

It wasn’t Hillary’s only embarrassment during her trip on the 4 train. There was, of course, the fact that it lasted only two stops, making it almost as laughable as that time Michael Dukakis tried riding in a tank.

There was also the fact that, due to her lack of familiarity of the subway system in her own home state, she had to swipe her MetroCard about five times to get it to work. Apparently, even though she’s a “woman of the people,” she can’t be bothered to ride the subway in her home state with the plebians who usually have to stoop to public transportation. Why can’t they all just ride limos?

There’s also the less-funny fact that campaigning on the subway is illegal, coming with a penalty of up to 10 days in jail.

I’d cheer up though, Hillary. You’ve done far worse and you still haven’t gone to prison. So, keep violating those laws and pushing black people out of the way. Rest assured, the Democrat establishment and the media will still protect you.


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