WATCH – Black Man Posts Viral Obama Rant, ‘Lock Obama Up For TREASON’

The Doctor of Common Sense is in, and he is supremely ticked off. The now viral Facebook video created by ET Williams not only drives home some poignant points about the “crimes” President Obama has perpetrated on the American people, but also why we should all vote for Donald Trump in November.

ET Williams, better known on social media as the Doctor of Common Sense, believes Obama should be arrested and sent to jail on treason charges.

Williams, like millions of other Americans, is angry and concerned about the tens of thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees Obama has already allowed into the United States.

Hillary Clinton has vowed to usher in many, many more if she is elected the next president of the United States.

“10,000 refugees have now been planted in 231 cities across the nation. It’s classic Cloward and Piven. They will finish off an already overburdened broken system. And there are many more on their way in,” ET Williams said in the viral video.

If Obama and his liberal minions only wanted to help the fleeing Muslims, he could accomplish that task far more inexpensively without endangering national security and without removing the individuals from their homeland—where one would think they would like to remain in order to one day reclaim their society.

Cloward and Piven were ultra-liberals who spent the 1960s devising a plan to overwhelm the system in America, bringing this once great land to its knees financially in order to provoke the creation of a socialistic society.

It has taken decades longer than Cloward and Piven had predicted, but we are indeed on the precipice of an economic collapse, ushered in by the tax and spend philosophy of liberals like Obama and Hillary.

What Cloward and Piven did not know then is that the final stage of causing an overwhelmed welfare system would also include diminishing national security and leaving all Americans nothing more than sitting ducks for a terrorism attack.

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