WATCH – Black Man Walks Up to White Police Officer and Does THIS, It’s All on Video!

The latest Dallas shooting events and the killing of two African-American citizens has been a wake up call for many, and in the light of day, a video surfaced that might just change the way we think, act and believe. When a black man approaches a white police officer here is what happens.

The Black man began praying with the White police officer.

Of all of the things that could have happened, this would be beyond the expectations of many people, especially race-baiting liberals that would NEVER admit a White police officer would bow his head with a Black man in prayer on the street.
Beyond the Machiavellian and unscrupulous individuals such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, there are times when you find out who is truly your friend. It isn’t those who are continually scheming and exploiting in order to advance their careers and agendas.

It isn’t those who, like Sharpton, tell others to “off pigs.” It isn’t those who constantly believe that police officers wake up every morning trying to devise new ways to bully the black community, instead of just trying to do their job.

It is those who promote peace, by focusing on the Prince of Peace. By focusing on individuals such as the one in the video, we will find the healing we need as a nation.

We will not, however, find any sort of healing from individuals who use slurs for police officers, Jewish people, or others, such as what is common with Al Sharpton.

Where individuals such as Sharpton see money, political gain, and a circus, God sees people.

This divide can be healed when we realize that not all cops are racist and not all black people are criminals, and when we realize that a man who uses racial pejoratives is a part of the problem, not the solution to it.

Placing the focus on the right types of actions, such as the one displayed in this video, would be a good start.

The media is creating far worse perception of reality than what really is going on. We need to be taught of tolerance, acceptance and justice for both sides. That is why, stories like this one are of crucial importance.

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