Watch: Black Muslim CHASES Down Trump Supporter, What Happens Next Is Getting Attention

One part of what an analyst called “shameful stuff that says a lot more about the caliber of anti-Trump rhetoric from the mainstream left than anything about the rhetoric that supposedly triggered it” was highlighted by the perpetrator himself.

A Twitter user going by the name Houdini, who identifies himself as a Black Muslim, has been celebrating his takedown of a white Trump protester during Thursday’s anti-Trump protests in San Jose.

Coverage of the man’s self-congratulating publicity on The Gateway Pundit revealed him to be Seyfudin Mohamud, a Somali native who had come to California from Minnesota. He posted selfie videos from the protest, including one in which his clothes match those seen in an ABC News video of violence at the rally.

The violence of San Jose is a product of the times, wrote Ed Krayewski on Reason.

“In this age of perpetual grievances, showing up to protest at the Trump rally has become a chic social signaling thing to do,” he wrote. “Acting out at Trump rallies, including by threatening, harassing, and even physically assaulting Trump supporters, is a natural continuation of the culture of safe spaces and triggering speech being nurtured in college campuses around the country.”

“Attacking Trump’s supporters because of the danger Trump poses as an imperial president is an exercise in blame-shifting. Those so concerned about what Trump might do to the country that they feel called to stalk and attack Trump supporters should take a long look in the mirror instead,” he wrote.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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