WATCH – Black Trump Fan Makes THIS Viral Video to Elect Donald J. Trump!

How can a young black man support Donald J. Trump? Well, Corey Gordon, the co-leader of Black Americans For Trump, has so many reasons to cast a ballot for the Republican that it would take him all day to list them.

Corey Gordon is wise beyond his years and not willing to fall into the “free stuff” trap long offered by liberals.

Gordon is far from alone in his voting preference.

The Black Americans For Trump website, which Gordon is involved with, offers videos and testimonials from a plethora of black Americans who refuse to let liberals divide us based on the color of our skin.

“Trump is the best choice for ALL Americans,” according to the patriotic young black man.

Black Americans For Trump is a grassroots group of regular Americans who feel strongly about speaking the truth during this critical presidential election, according to the group’s website.

“Trump’s America First message is about placing the needs of ALL AMERICANS over the needs of foreign interests. It’s about returning jobs, safety, and prosperity to America – bringing hope back home where it belongs. Our Goal is America First and UNITED Together as one…race doesn’t matter,” the group’s website also states.

Gordon’s video has gone viral, and much love is being ushered his way via comments commending his common sense, passion, and strength.

Corey has to be a strong young man in order to stand up to the status quo.

Liberals have long believed they hold a claim on the black community, even though they have done nothing to help poor and middle class Americans in their struggles to own homes, reduce violent gang and drug crime in their neighborhoods, improve schools where their children must go, or pass economic plans that will allow prosperity to grow and create living-wage jobs with a future in the process.

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