WATCH – Black Trump Supporter Spills the Beans About ‘Black Lives’ Terrorists and Obama

If you tune into any token liberal news outlet these days, you will immediately notice they blame Donald Trump for everything in the book. They even blame him for causing the riots in Charlotte, yet one Black Trump supporter vehemently disagrees with this:

Among others, he blames Barack Obama for the current racial unrest and discord.

This Trump supporter’s comments stem from a meeting Barack Obama had with Black Lives Matter activists a few weeks ago, and he believes the discord was an event that was going to happen.

Liberals have an inherent belief that dictates their policies and that is this: the end justifies the means.

They believe that by promoting discord and chaos, it will lead to what they have wanted all along: a liberal utopia that will quickly become a dystopia, much like the nightmare of Stalinist USSR.

This young Black Trump supporter has quickly realized that America is devolving by these individuals on the far-left. The Democrat party is no longer the party of JFK or LBJ, it is now the party of socialism.

In this new America, the needs of the state will supersede the needs of the individual. The working class will continue to be replaced by the welfare class. The jobs of yesteryear which made Detroit so prosperous have now been shipped to Mexico and Central America.

At the other end of the spectrum, however, is Donald Trump. His plans to Make America Great Again have struck a chord with Americans of every creed and color everywhere.

They definitely have with this young man, and they illustrate the fact that more and more minorities are simply not buying what liberals are selling.

Much like Reagan, we need a solid leader who will stop the evil and continued corruption of this country. It can only be found in Donald Trump.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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