WATCH – Black Vet Has ENOUGH of Obama’s GARBAGE, Goes OFF On Him in THIS Viral Video

As we get closer to the election and the rhetoric from the left gets loftier, the African American voting demographic is showing more agitation, but it isn’t aimed at traditional targets of the ire. The targets in this election cycle are Hillary Clinton and, stunningly, Barack Obama.

One African American man from Seattle took to social media to vent his outrage at Barack Obama and to show his support for Donald Trump. A.D. Bell, a United States Army veteran, ripped into Obama for his narcissistic comment last Saturday that he would consider it “a personal insult” if black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton in November.

This is a growing trend in the black community. Many are waking up to the con-game Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been playing on them, and as they awaken, they are becoming angry and resentful.

“When President Barack Obama said he’d find it a personal insult if the people, black people in particular, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton,” Bell said, “I find it a personal insult that you’ve only made one attempt to reach out to [the people of Chicago]. People have been calling on him to come back to Chicago for a long time.”

Bell, a Chicago native who transplanted to Seattle, pointed out the fact that for all the promises of change made to the black community, Barack Obama has not delivered on one promise. In fact, it appears he didn’t even try. It was all a con.

“You clowns, who like to call me names, don’t tell me that I’m lying,” Bell said, growing angrier as he spoke. “And if you’re in Chicago, don’t tell me that I’m lying. Since 2008, these people have been calling on Barack Obama to come back to Chicago and do something. Now, some of you might say, ‘that isn’t the job of the president.’ You might be right, but we didn’t vote for him not to do anything…So you can come with these rigged numbers, this rigged data that can be manipulated, but it doesn’t change the fact that people are living in turmoil. People are living in chaos.”

Bell is correct on several levels. Median incomes for the black urban demographic is stagnant and below the levels of before Obama took office. Black unemployment, especially in the urban centers of our nation, is catastrophic. And black-on-black crime is at an epidemic level.

In Chicago alone, over 500 people have been murdered in 2016, most of them black males killed by other black males. In total, those shot – sometimes multiple times and on multiple occasions – top 3,000. That number rises each and every day.

“Don’t give me this crap about we’re doing so much better. Don’t give me this crap about the Republicans, no!” Bell said. “We just had bombs go off last night. These people don’t even have the decency to say, ‘Well, this was an act of terror.’ It don’t matter who did it…when someone blows up a bomb that injures 25 people, that’s not an act of terror? Are you serious?”

Bell’s frustration with Barack Obama is understandable. Obama is an arrogant man and a figure of political hubris. He promised and lied and stole and manipulated to win the presidency, and then he abandoned his promises to affect an elitist progressive agenda. The African American people in the US feel betrayed and, well, they should.

The black community is also recognizing that Hillary Clinton is just as big a liar, cheat, and thieving manipulator as Barack Obama.

They aren’t buying the con-game anymore.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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