WATCH – Black Woman Is FED UP With Reaction to Trump Win, Issues EPIC Video Response

With Donald Trump having secured the presidency, many people on the left are saying white people should be blamed and that Trump wants to make America white again. However, one African-American woman had a different reaction.

Stacey Washington, a syndicated talk show host, stated, “The fact that Hillary attracted low turnout from blacks and Hispanics should be proof within itself that it’s not just whites who distrust the woman. Here’s one of those minorities who voted Trump, sticking it to the liberals blaming white people.”

What Ms. Washington is trying to say is that Trump has a lot of support from minority communities.

The simple fact is that both whites, blacks, Hispanics, and every other race in America rejected Hillary Clinton because of her corruption, her scandals, and her 30-year political career of putting herself before the American people.

The left puts everything on race because the Democrat Party is a racism-based party that simply wants to demonize everyone else because they might disagree with the party itself or lean more toward the right.

Now, we see angry liberals rioting in the street calling Trump a racist and a misogynist, despite the fact he has a long history of not only hiring hiring women and minorities in his businesses but also hiring them for high ranking, key positions.

The left is really upset right now because Trump won in a landslide, controversial, and largely unexpected victory. Instead of taking the defeat with grace, like Hillary Clinton eventually did, they are calling Trump and his supporters racists and bigots, regardless of the fact that their candidate was also white.

Trump has a much better vision for America than that of the dishonest criminal Hillary Clinton, who is the poster child of Washington insider corruption.

Let the liberals have their marches and call Trump a racist even after their candidate called on them to come together as a country and remain open minded going forward.

Now that the left is in the minority, conservatives are going to be called racist for every single thing we do. Perhaps they believe it is racist for us to even nominate a white person anymore who doesn’t toe the line of political correctness and stagnation.

The truth is that Trump’s policies are going to do a lot of good for the people who are calling him racist, and when their taxes go down, their paychecks start rising, and their health care improves, maybe they will realize this.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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