WATCH – BLM Thug Praises ‘Allah,’ Calls For Violence Against Whites in THIS State

Protesters were out all night raising havoc over a police shooting, and it appears local leaders are not going to try to stop things from getting worse.

A Muslim leader in North Carolina attended a press conference with the family of the man who was shot and told the country, “What we’re standing up for now is our black manhood and our black people who are being gunned down in the street and we don’t get no justice… We’re not telling our brothers and sisters to stop.”

This type of mentality will continue to divide this country and ensure race problems never end.

When someone, anyone, is killed by mistake, it is a horrific event.

BUT, and I have said this many times, let’s find out the facts and if someone is at fault, hold them accountable.

Street justice serves no purpose at all.

In this case, you have at least a dozen officers that were hurt during the riots.

Let me ask everyone, including BLM supporters, what purpose does this serve?

Looking forward, you now have police officers that will be on edge when dealing with anyone from the African American community in these neighborhoods.

Every stop or call they go on becomes a potential ambush.

Real leadership tells everyone to calm down, let’s investigate and then hold those responsible accountable if they did in fact act inappropriate or excessively.

Instead, this is what we have local leaders encouraging…

I wish I could tell everyone something like this will never happen again, but it will, and it happens to White people, Black people, Hispanics… you name the ethnic group, and it happens, sometimes justified, sometimes not.

We have 99.9 percent of the officers in this country doing a very dangerous job and doing it well.

However, what is being tagged as racism is something that I see as being unprepared.

Many of these police officers are not faced with a situation such as this until it actually happens on the street.

Most police departments do not have the funding to dedicate time and money to training officers once the leave the academy. This is something I have called for many times before.

Why is our military so prepared? Why do we rarely if ever hear about a soldier freezing up or panicking the first time they see battle?

It is because they practice these scenarios for hours every day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year.

Instead of calling for more riots or crying racism, why not work to get funding to help train these officers better, especially the officers that work in high-crime areas.

Instead, community leaders add gasoline to a burning fire. Our President sits back and smiles at the divide happening in this country. And every pundit on TV cries racism, even when it is a black officer that is doing the shooting.

Yes, we have a problem with our police, but it is NOT targeting, profiling, or racism. The system is broken, not the brave men and women that put on blue and patrol our neighborhoods every day.

We also have a problem with poor people that simply put no value at all on life itself. Let’s start addressing that issue as well, and then I guarantee these problems start to dissipate at a shocking rate.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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