WATCH – Brilliant Music Video NUKES Hillary Clinton In 2 Short Minutes, MILLIONS Are Watching

Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail today, and maybe she and her team are watching this video from the backseat of her motorcade van. Clinton and crew will likely not find this now viral video even as remotely humorous as the rest of us!

The clever folks behind the “Delete It” video captured what might have been going on behind the scenes during Hillary’s email scandal perfectly.

Well, almost. One scene in the Hillary “Delete it” video was a bit far-fetched.

Hillary and Bill Clinton hugging and showing genuine emotion towards one another?

In spite of the mainstream media desperately trying to downplay the email scandal, neglecting to cover the topic altogether on many days, American voters are growing more aware of the despicable antics of the former secretary of state.

Hillary has struggled enormously to garner an excitement for her campaign, especially with millennials.

Bernie Sanders had that voting demographic all sewn up on the Democrat side, but the DNC rigged its primary against him.

Barack Obama and his ultra-liberal socialist policies also invigorated American youth both times he ran for office.

The “Delete It” video will be viewed by tens of millions of young voters on social media between now and election day, turning off even more members of the crucial voting block from the idea of voting for Hillary.

American voters can see through Hillary’s lies and years of corruption. We do not want, need, or deserve four more years as business as usual in Washington, D.C. – career politicians need to go!

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H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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