WATCH: Carson Walks Away Right In The Middle Of Live CNN Interview, It’s Not What You’re Thinking…

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and top advisor Ben Carson spent Saturday doing minority outreach in Detroit.

In the midst of a heavily scheduled day, CNN’s Jermey Diamond took a moment to interview Carson about Detroit’s black community. However, he probably was not expecting Carson to walk off during the middle of a question.

Diamond was asking what sort of things Trump had learned from the trip, when suddenly Carson cried out “Oh, my luggage!” and walked off.

Luckily, Diamond handled the mishap like a professional and recapped everything that had happened so far. A few moments later Carson returned and continued the interview.

For Carson, visiting the “Motor City” will be a return to his hometown. The retired neurosurgeon grew up in poverty, but under the guidance of a very influential mother, he was taught that anything was possible.

During a radio interview with Breitbart News Daily, Carson discussed how progressive leadership contributed to the downfall of Detroit.

“Detroit is the perfect place to talk about it,” Carson said. “Because it was once the most prosperous city in America, and from there it has gone and become the biggest bankruptcy after decades of progressive leadership. That should tell anyone — Democrat, Republican, Independent — that there is something wrong with the course that we are on. We really need to stop and do something different.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We need to stop being insane and start exercising common sense.”

Detroit already has an electorate strongly in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but that hasn’t stopped Trump from ramping up his recent efforts to appear more favorable in the eyes of America’s minorities.

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