[Watch] Charles Krauthammer Demolishes Hillary and FBI with 1 Brutal Word Nobody Said so Far –

Charles Krauthammer claimed the takeaway from Tuesday’s statement made by FBI Director James Comey is that Hillary Clinton is “a non-criminal liar.”

“The conclusion of the day is that she [Hillary] is a non-criminal liar,” Krauthammer said. “The lying is obvious when you compare her statements with what Comey said, but he [Comey] came out with a puzzling conclusion.”

“He laid the case for gross negligence – he accused her of extreme carelessness and then he laid out the fact that she should have known, she did know – and then he created a completely irrelevant new standard, which is malicious intent, but negligence does not require intent. That’s the whole point of having it in the statute. There’s intentional and the statute says or gross negligence,” Krauthammer added.


“She intended to setup a private server, she intended to send all the classified emails that she sent – some of which were actually marked as classified at the time – it appears that Comey’s standard is: did she intend to harm the United States? If she didn’t [according to Comey] she gets acquitted,” Krauthammer explained.

“That’s not the standard. It’s the intent of mishandling this information and that’s what the statue requires. She met it, and he declined to prosecute,” Krauthammer concluded.

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