WATCH – Chelsea Forgets Who Her Mom Is, Says UNTHINKABLE About Trump

Chelsea Clinton’s now viral comments about dear old mom really seem to indicate she doesn’t have a clue about the history of the woman who gave birth to her. Chelsea went on an insulting rant about Donald Trump without even pausing for a second to consider her mother’s nasty comments about her fellow Americans.

“What feels different about this election to me is I don’t remember a time when so many Americans were being attacked by a major party’s presidential nominee — the attacks against women, against immigrants, against minorities, against our LGBT community, against Americans with disabilities, against a Gold Star family,” Chelsea Clinton said during an interview with Seth Meyers. It really sounded more like she was referencing her mom than Donald Trump.

Seth Meyers had asked Chelsea Clinton what it was like to constantly have her family attacked. The former first daughter has been handled with kid gloves throughout the election process, but now that she is being used as an attack dog for Hillary, the tender treatment must end and her lies about Trump challenged.

“I don’t remember a time in my life when my family wasn’t being attacked,” Chelsea Clinton also said. “That’s what feels so different and deeply troubling candidly.”

Well, young lady, there is a very good reason for that. There’s everything your parents do and say both the criminal (like your dad’s sexual assaults and your mom’s mishandling of classified emails) and the immoral (like dad having affairs and mom lying to the American people).

It was Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump who insulted tens of millions of Americans by calling them irdeemable, “not American,” and that they should be lumped into a basket of deplorables.

Chelsea’s mom has dubbed Trump a racist simply because he wants to enforce federal law and secure our borders. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been on record, more than once, calling for the exact same type of response to the immigration problem.

It was Hillary Clinton who deemed young black men “super predators” while Donald Trump has not disparaged black Americans. The Republican’s comments about the black community have centered on making neighborhoods safe, improving schools, and creating jobs.

As for the treatment of women, well, Chelsea, your dad has been accused of sexual assault multiple times, and your mom enabled his continued mistreatment of women by vehemently attempting to destroy their character.

The Clintons have been attacked for years, and they have earned every single minute of the negative attention!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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