WATCH – Chelsea Throws Parents Under the Bus, Makes THIS Shocking Confession

Despite what the American media might tell you, the Clinton campaign is crumbling. It is becoming increasingly evident that “Crooked Hillary” cannot run anything effectively much less her campaign. The latest development involves the Clintons’ daughter Chelsea.

“I just received a call from a close friend of [Bill Clinton] who said that [Chelsea Clinton] told one of the Bush 43 kids that she is conducting an internal investigation of money within the foundation from [Clinton Global Initiative] to the foundation,” former Clinton aide Doug Band said in an email to John Podesta. “The Bush kid then told someone else, who then told an operative within the Republican party.”

Apparently, Chelsea did not learn much as a member of the Clinton crime family because the email had Band complaining about the fact that Chelsea blabbed to the Bush daughters and then it got out in the open. At the time, the younger Clinton was launching her investigation into the foundation’s finances, and she raised the ire of Band because she made the mistake of telling people about it.

Band was particularly incensed about these revelations, which originally took place in 2012. He even called her a “spoiled brat kid” because she dared to attempt to use her influence to meddle in the affairs of the Clinton Foundation.

Chelsea was allegedly alarmed by the immense shady practices she had uncovered in the Clinton Foundation, and she appointed Eric Braverman, a former colleague, as CEO of the organization. However, Chelsea’s alleged attempt to reform the organization was met with only a brick wall.

Just a year after signing a $395,000 contract, Braverman mysteriously resigned from the post. Needless to say, the younger Clinton’s reforms were not taken well by Band, Podesta, and the CEO before Braverman, Bruce Lindsay. Unfortunately, Chelsea was just a cog in the machine and a useless one at that. It is apparent from this example that Chelsea did not have much discretion in her role.

“I have heard more and more chatter of [Chelsea] and bari talking about lots of what is going on internally to people. Not smart.” The WikiLeaks dump has released thousands of emails, many of which include numerous instances of Band being furious over Chelsea’s pangs of conscience.

Although this is a rare thing for any of us to say, I am definitely thankful that in this instance that Chelsea is a Clinton. At least her mother won’t arrange to have her killed like she possbily has so many others who sought to reform how this corrupt couple does things. One can only hope there is some maternal love there, but, admittedly, it is hard to say with the Clintons.

It is looking more and more obvious that absolutely no one trusts Hillary. She would be a disaster as a president, on par with electing a member of the Gambino crime family as our next president.

It is definitely telling that even a member of Hillary’s own family was having doubts about her credibility. Time will tell, but hopefully Hillary will be exposed. Even better, hopefully it is before she is able to con everyone into voting for her.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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