WATCH – Clinton ‘Love Child’ Comes Forward, Issues THIS Challenge to Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s alleged love child is now opening up about his struggles to connect with his biological father and the actions the Clinton machine has taken to thwart such a goal. Danney Williams seems to want what every child wants—to get to know both his parents, especially the one who has yet to recognize him.

Danney Williams has been begging for a DNA test from Bill Clinton for decades, but he has not reportedly been granted the simple request. If Bill Clinton was so sure the young man was not his son, why wouldn’t he just disprove the nagging love child allegations once and for all?

Rumors about a blood test having been conducted that cleared Bill Clinton of the label of “baby daddy” have reportedly been proven false. Danney Williams’s mother was a prostitute when she allegedly had sex with Clinton.

Bobbie Ann was reportedly working the street corners in Arkansas during the 1980s when she met Bill Clinton. She claims to have had sex with Clinton 13 times while he was the state’s governor. Bill Clinton met his alleged love child’s mother while out jogging. The then governor allegedly paid Bobbie Ann Williams $200 for sex.

In 1999, the Star tabloid DNA test taken comparing Danney Williams’s and Bill Clinton’s DNA was reportedly a fraud. The tabloid had claimed to have gotten a hold of the former president’s DNA from the semen stains he left on Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress.

Although the negative DNA test results initially squelched the Bill Clinton love child scandal, when Americans learned the supposed source of the president’s DNA, the public did not believe the federal government would turn over the dress, used as evidence in the impeachment trial, to a sleazy tabloid.

Star magazine was owned by an old college pal of Bill Clinton’s, Robert Altman. The Georgetown alumni had reportedly donated more than $1 million to the Clintons over the years.

Robert Altman was ultimately appointed to the post of assistant secretary of the treasury. His tenure at the post was rather short, as Altman was forced to resign amid an ethics scandal.

When Roger Stone, a member of the Washington D.C. insider crowd, bought Star magazine, he reportedly demanded to see the Danney Williams and Bill Clinton DNA test documentation. Stone was allegedly told the entire story was a hoax, and no DNA test had ever taken place.

With Roger Stone’s confession having come to light alongside Danney Williams’s challenge, do you think a “second” DNA test should taken to see if Williams is Bill Clinton’s son?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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