WATCH – Clinton Rape Victim Releases Viral Video to Warn Americans, It’s URGENT

The trail of bodies, rape victims, dishonesty, and just plain misery from the Clinton Crime Syndicate can read just like a John Grisham novel. Now one of Bill’s rape victims is coming forward yet again with a new warning for all Americans.

“I fear for my life,” says Juanita Broaddrick, who claims Clinton raped her in a hotel room in 1978.

Although Broaddrick lives in a huge, gorgeous house with plenty of acres to go around, she said she is selling the property because she doesn’t feel safe there any longer. She plans on building a house on her son’s property.

Broaddrick said she will fear for her life even more if Clinton becomes president, and the reason for this is simple.

One word: retribution. This word is something the Clintons have long made a strong way-of-life over, and many have been caught in their web of treachery and deceit.

Broaddrick said she remembers the day Hillary intimidated her vividly even almost forty years later. “I was so involved in the campaign at that time,” she said.

The first time she encountered Hillary was after the alleged rape, and she was in the kitchen area, and Hillary came up to her, grabbed her hand and said, “I just want you to know how happy we are for all the things that you do for Bill in this campaign.”

It was then, Broaddrick said, that the fake smile of Hillary faded into a harsh expression and said, “do you understand – everything you do.”

Broaddrick described Hillary as having a strange coldness during her interview, and she literally lost her composure and broke down in tears.

“You know, even after all this time,” the 73-year-old grandmother said.

Yes, Juanita. Even after all this time, and these people are never accountable for anything. We understand and we are fighting for you and everyone else who has been a victim of this crime family.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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