WATCH: CNN Talks to 20 Random Dems, Horrified When 19 Say 1 Thing About Hillary

CNN recently traveled to heavily Democratic Logan County, West Virginia, looking for Hillary Clinton supporters, but ran into a little problem — they couldn’t find very many.

In fact, out of 20 random people, reporter Gary Tuchman could only find one woman who said she would vote for Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. The rest said they weren’t going to vote for Clinton’s Democrat rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, either.

They said they were voting for billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

This could be a damning telltale sign for Clinton, as there are six registered Democrats to every one registered Republican in the county.

Logan County is a coal mining town and, over the past few years, miners have lost jobs. Many workers declared earlier in the month that Clinton was not welcome in the town after she said she would put a lot of coal mining businesses out of work at a clean energy town hall not long ago.

Voters felt betrayed — and it’s hard not to blame them for casting their votes somewhere else.

What matters at the end of the day is work, so people can provide for their families. When someone threatens to take that work away, there will be obvious repercussions.

As Tuchman talked to voters during his visit, he found out that most of them believed Trump could help revive Logan County’s economy. They also said that while Clinton tried to backtrack on what she said about the mining industry, they were still leery of giving her their vote. That’s pretty smart, I’d say.

Watch coverage below:

It’s no surprise voters are turning against Clinton. Maybe some of them are coming to realize that having her in the White House would simply be an extension of the previous seven-plus years we’ve had with President Barack Obama — or worse.


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