WATCH – Comey Says ‘Fresh Look’ at Hillary AFTER Election, But Trey Gowdy Has a Different Idea

James Comey and Trey Gowdy. The two men do not agree on much, and after Comey said he wanted to take a “fresh look” at Hillary Clinton after the election, Gowdy made his thoughts known.

Simply put, Gowdy said Comey should not wait until after the election for his “second look,” but he should do it now. 

The South Carolina Republican told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that he too believes in the integrity of the FBI just like Comey does. However, he feels that confidence should be an ongoing thing and that Hillary should be held to the same standard of everyone else.

“The FBI belongs to all of us,” he said. “We have to have confidence in the bureau the morning after the election, the morning after the inauguration.”

Gowdy said there was a number of elements to the first assessment by Director Comey that he found troubling.

“[Comey] added an element to the offense that doesn’t exist,” Gowdy told Bartiromo.

“So, I disagree with his analysis of the statute, but even if he’s right, he’s still wrong with the conclusion that he reached.”

Questions arose about whether or not Attorney General Loretta Lynch placed any pressure on Comey to come to the conclusion he did. It was a sad moment to watch, and even Gowdy made note of it.

“You know, Maria, the fact that you have to ask that question kind of proves my point,” Gowdy observed.

There is an awful amount of convenience in the fact that Comey desires to wait until after the election. The campaign (read: coronation) of Hillary Clinton has been carefully staged.

Everyone is quickly realizing the fix is in, and they had better play their part.

Bernie Sanders never had a chance, and there was no chance whatsoever Clinton would be indicted either. Bill made sure of that when he met with Comey’s boss on that tarmac.

No wonder Comey wants to wait until after the election is over!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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