WATCH – Congressman Disrespects Police Officer, Then Gowdy Shows Up and DEMOLISHES Him…

This video is over a year old, but Trey Gowdy never goes out of style. He demolished this Democrat for trying to trick a police officer with his aggressive questioning.

In the video, Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson is hammering Paul Babeu, an Arizona County Sheriff, with questions. Johnson is bullying the officer and getting the answers he needs. But Trey Gowdy interrupts Johnson and stops his blatant skewing of information. “Is it within the rules of this committee that the chairman can interrupt a legislator?” the Congressman asked Gowdy. And he said, “If that legislator is not allowing the witness to answer a question, you’re dadgum right he can.”

Johnson asks the Sheriff if he is for or against immigration, but interrupts the Sheriff when he tries to give a response. He said that he is for immigration, just not illegal immigration.

This is a common liberal tactic, they think that people are against immigration and are therefore racist just because we don’t want illegals in this country.

People need to go through the proper channels of immigration, but liberals refuse to admit that this is the right answer. Instead, they ignore the state of our economy and make their cities sanctuaries against the “evil” conservatives.

Johnson jumps on Babeu about the “militarization” of the police, and the fact that they have suppressors and anti-mine armored vehicles. When the Sheriff tried to explain, Johnson would only interrupt to keep the information the way he wanted it.

Never mind the fact that suppressors are great for saving your ears, both people in the military and the police force have severe hearing problems because of the loud fire of weaponry. Many are deaf in one ear, or have Tinnitus, and this is hinders their daily life and their job performance.

Suppressors also improve communication between teammates, so they aren’t struggling to hear over the gunfire. They also reduce the response of criminals in hostile situations. Once gunshots are heard, it goes from zero to dangerous in as little as a few seconds, as every nearby bad guy knows the police have arrived.

As for the vehicles that are resistant to mines, they’re made for a reason. Mines kill a lot of police and military members. These vehicles can also protect police forces from gunfire and other attacks. These vehicles save lives. Not to mention that these vehicles are often given to police forces for free or highly discounted, after our military has finished with them.

But Johnson and other liberals don’t care about these facts, all they care about is being right and winning an argument. Johnson even pointied out that Babeu was a Republican, though it was completely inappropriate to do so. His political views don’t affect his assessment of the needs of his police force.

But Gowdy had heard enough. The Democrat had the nerve to talk back to Gowdy, something you really don’t want to do. Gowdy knows how to put people right in their place.

Gowdy wouldn’t just sit there and let this police officer be bullied by a Democrat! He stands up for what is right and if anyone has a problem with it, he will quickly take you down a notch or two. More politicians need to be like Trey Gowdy!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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