WATCH: Congressman Louie Gohmert Flips Out On ‘Sit-In’ Democrats

It’s chaos on the floor of the House of Representatives as Congressional Democrats’ ‘sit-in’ enters its second day. On Wednesday, Speaker Paul Ryan adjourned the House after Democrat shouting disrupted regular order.

“The chair appreciates that members will differ on matters of policy and will seek to express those differences,” Ryan said. “But the chair would hope that the business of the House could be conducted in a fashion that respects positively on the dignity and decorum of this institution.”

Late on Wednesday evening, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert stormed the House chambers and decided to make a statement of his own.

“Radical Islam killed these people,” Gohmert shouted, gesturing to Democrat posters with photos of Orlando victims. Gohmert was eventually shouted down with chants of “No bill, no break.”

Apparently Democrats aren’t so keen on having their disruptions disrupted.

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