WATCH – Controversial Trump Video Is Going Massively Viral, MILLIONS Have Watched It

There is absolutely no reason why this new Donald Trump ad should be the least bit controversial, but it is. Liberals want to cast Trump as the Devil, and they sure do appear to hate it when the masses offer their love and support for the Republican outsider.

“The most important question of all is, how can we pray for you, Donald Trump? We love you so much. And Mike, we are so proud of you,” a young man in the audience asked.

The question Donald Trump was asked during the town hall event was beautiful, and it truly represented the best of America. Hillary Clinton was so obviously wrong about half of the Republican’s supporters belonging in a basket of deplorables.

“Why don’t I just pray for you right now?” the same young man asked. “Wow,” was Donald Trump’s pleasantly surprised response as the visibly moved presidential candidate bowed his head along with Mike Pence, and he was prayed upon by an American voter and minister.

The young man was entirely right when he said Donald Trump and Mike Pence are supporting the Constitution and doing, so far, better than any other candidate at those tasks. The unidentified man asked God to help give the two Republicans the strength they needed to restore this great nation.

As the young man said “Amen,” the crowd at the Donald Trump and Mike Pence event went nuts, clapping and cheering loudly for the prayer, the Christian patriot uttering it, and the two men it was for. Now, that is what America is all about.

Donald Trump may not be the most devout Christian to run for president, but that has not stopped faithful and die-hard evangelicals from coming out to support him in droves. Even the Amish support Trump, with a PAC having been created to help spread the message to all the members of their community.

Barack Obama went to church every week, but he has still tried to strip the principles this nation was founded upon. Obama’s pastor stood at the pulpit and said, “God damn, America,” which was apparently just fine with liberals.

While Trump might not go to church every Sunday or even most Sundays in a month, he has made it clear how much he respects religious freedom. A plethora of renowned clergy has come out in support of Trump, not because he is pious but because he has the desire and fortitude to uphold the rights and freedoms of all Christians without disrespecting or tramping upon the same rights of non-believers and members of other faiths.

As Trump noted at the end of the event, a lot more is at stake than just the next four years. The next president will definitely be appointing one Supreme Court justice and likely two more before the end of the term. The decision the nation makes in just a few weeks will have a severe impact on generations to come.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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