WATCH – Country Band Releases AMAZING Anti-Hillary Song, INSTANTLY It Goes Viral!

The liberal news media continues to push things off on us that we simply don’t want. The potential of a Hillary Clinton presidency is one of those things, and a country band just voiced their opposition to her in a powerful way.

Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brother appeared on “Fox and Friends” to showcase their new anti-Hillary song, “Stand Up and Say So” to a nationwide audience.

They are joining a growing list of celebrities who simply cannot support the Democratic nominee. Although the media loves to report that Cher, Miley, Whoopi, Barbara Streisand and others will leave the country, they forget there are just as many, if not more, major celebrities that want no parts of Hillary Clinton.

If they want to leave, then let them leave. Donald Trump will have an easier time making the country great again without their liberal ideologies polluting our airwaves.

The Gatlin Brothers’ new song makes clear their opposition to Clinton is because of her history of lying and corruption. The very title of the song sends a clear message that more and more individuals are going to refuse to continue to take this quietly.

Much like the deluded celebrities who would leave if Donald Trump becomes president, the song posits that it is also time for Hillary to “pack up and go” as well.

Interestingly, although we as Trump supporters have many reasons to support him including the Supreme Court nominees, the new jobs, his strong business record, and his optimism about fixing America, this song added a new dimension to our support:

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has been living her entire career off of our taxes, and she has done nothing to show for it except a host of pay-to-play activities!

The Clintons really could care less about this country.

Although the Gatlin Brothers have already voiced their solid opinion, we will also get the chance to “Stand Up and Say So” when we head to the ballot box in a few weeks!

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