WATCH – Country Singer Ray Stevens Releases THIS Song to Expose Voter Fraud – It’s Going Viral

There is a saying in my old hometown, Chicago, that takes on significant meaning come every four years in November: Vote early and vote often. While many chuckle at the idea of dead people voting, many a deceased person has actually cast ballots in Chicago, most of the time for the victorious Democrat.

A new parody song by music legend Ray Stevens pokes fun at a personal experience he had in the 2012 General Election. As Stevens sings about his deceased grandfather – who religiously voted and always voted Republican – suddenly switched sides. From beyond the grave, Stevens’ grandfather cast a vote for Barack Obama.

While making fun of any issue is a good way to bring attention to it – and we applaud Stevens for understanding the importance of the issue – the subject of voter fraud is routinely downplayed by Democrats, Progressives, and the mainstream media. It is because of this that voter fraud – both in registration and in the casting of ballots – continues.

There are two kinds of voter fraud that take place each and every election cycle. The first kind of voter fraud has to do with the registering of voters. The second has to do with the actual casting of fraudulent votes.

Voter registration fraud is much easier to execute because of how people are cross-referenced in databases at the county and state election authorities. If there isn’t an effective and regular cross-reference of voter registrations between counties and states, multiple registrations can be submitted allowing people to vote in multiple counties and states.

Another problem that occurs with voter registration fraud comes in the fact that election authorities routinely neglect maintaining the voter registration rolls where deceased voters are concerned. This is the basis for the Chicago voting meme that dead people vote.

With almost non-existent voter ID laws – and with Progressives and Democrats fighting voter ID laws tooth and nail – all one has to do it show up at a polling place and claim to be the dead person still on the voter rolls. At best, a provisional ballot will be issued and the person and a ballot will be cast. At worst a regular ballot will be issued.

In some urban areas – cough, Chicago, cough – activist groups with more shady reputations gather up homeless people, usually by promising them as little as $5, and literally bus them to the polls, providing names and addresses of deceased people. They assume those names and fraudulent votes are cast.

There are issues with double voting. This occurs when a person votes absentee and then shows up to vote in person. If voter registration and vote tallies are not maintained by the election authority these dual votes are counted and tallied in the election results.

We are experiencing voter fraud in real time and it is affecting the 2016 General Election in the critical swing state of Colorado. Local officials in Colorado have acknowledged “very serious” and expansive acts of voter fraud. They have discovered votes have been cast in multiple elections under the names of recently-deceased residents. They discovered this by comparing voting history databases in the state with federal government death records.

Now, I am going to give you three guesses what party the fraudulent ballots were cast for…

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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