WATCH – Country Star Makes EPIC Song to Support TRUMP, It’s Going Massively Viral

The BEST Donald Trump ad EVER was just released. You absolutely have to watch it not once but twice, to fully absorb both the catchy lyrics and the epic roundup of voter for Trump memes which scroll across the screen as the music plays.

Rodney Carrington’s “Vote For Trump” song and now viral video CLEARLY channels the massive amount of enthusiasm tens of millions of Americans feel about the Republican’s “Make America Great Again” movement – scratch that, it’s the “Make America Great Again REVOLUTION!

Career politician Hillary Clinton might have the best spin doctors money can buy and hordes of volunteers working to perfect her ground game – but her campaign for the White House simply has not touched the hearts and minds of the American people.

The mainstream media pundits are now shuttering at the thought that the pollsters are right, the “enthusiasm gap” is going to kill Hillary’s last chance at the presidency.

Rodney Carrington is a country music singer, actor, and comedian.

“I can’t wait for Donald Trump to be our next president! I know for sure he will make America great again!” – Carrington posted to his Facebook page.

He currently has a comedy show on Netflix and has released six albums which have been published on Mercury Records and Capitol Records.

Carrington has been very vocal about his severe dislike of Barack Obama – which has of course, earned him scathing reviews from Liberal journalists – which is a sure sign he is doing something right!

“Barack obama is a horrible president. His policies are horrible. He couldn’t run a toy store. He’s qualified to maybe wash socks or serve potatoes at Lubys cafeteria. He’s only in office because of voter fraud. It’s embarrassing to think people voted him in because he’s black. Congratulations you made history! But in the process, you have forsaken the United States and the hard working people who live here,” Carrington said.

Perhaps one of the primary reasons why Rodney Carrington loathes Obama and loves Trump is summed up quite simply in a recent answer to a reporter’s question about why he frequently mocks Obama on social media:

“I wasn’t raised to expect anything for nothing.”

Yep, this man is a true American – now go and do your patriotic duty and share the “Vote For Trump” video with everyone you know and help our guy defeat Hillary in November!

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H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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