WATCH – Cowboy’s EPIC Takedown of Minimum Wage ‘Crybabies’ is AMAZING, It’s Already Viral

Democrats have been making the argument for a while now that we should increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour so low- income people can make a “living wage.” Now, a famous internet cowboy has something else to say about it.

In a new viral video, Chad Prather went on a rant against a $15 minimum wage and said, “At what point did a starter job become a career ambition?”

As the video progresses, Prather shuts down all the arguments for the minimum wage increase and says he does not care if he loses followers as a result of his opinion.

Prather is correct with his arguments that an increase in the minimums age will increase costs in the goods that the minimum wage workers are providing. This is because the cost of their salaries has to be built into the prices that they set for their products.

Hiking the minimum wage to $15 may be a great thing for a politician to say during a campaign speech, but it is certainly not an economically viable proposal. Raising the minimum-wage will only cause a decrease in jobs, because employers, especially those who run small businesses, will have less money to hire people with.

Artificially raising the minimum wage also creates the incentive for people not to go to college. If they can earn a living right after high school working at McDonald’s then what reason do they have to attend college and better themselves?

Prather tells these minimum wage employees to go to college at night and better themselves so that they can get a better career. Don’t these liberals know that we’re already having jobs shipped overseas for low-wage workers and to increase the minimum wage may cause more companies to send jobs overseas?

Liberal politicians only promise this as a new form of welfare so that corporations will have to basically subsidized their low-wage workers. The other issue is that increasing the minimum wage doesn’t take into account our automation of low wage jobs. Even today, we are seeing fast food restaurants automating their services so that at some point they won’t even need anybody to run the cash registers.

A $15 minimum wage goes against everything this country knows about how capitalism functions. The value of your labor should be determined by the market not the government. When you artificially value labor higher, the market will adjust by increased costs on goods.

So even if you did increase the minimum wage, it would have almost no effect on the living conditions of low wage earners, because the things that they have to buy at the grocery store will all cost more. The problem is that many liberals are social-issues-only people who cannot be bothered to understand economics.

We want to take actions that strengthen us economically, not that makes us weaker.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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