WATCH: Crowd Goes NUTS Over Miss USA Finalist’s Answer To ‘Trump Or Hillary?’

A question many are calling “unfair” was posed to Miss Hawaii Sunday night at the Miss USA pageant, much to the dismay of those judging the pageant on Twitter. However, contestant Chelsea Hardin won rave reviews for her performance in giving an answer that avoided alienating anyone.

“With Hillary Clinton expected to surpass the delegate count needed to win the Democratic party nomination, my question to you is: If the election were held tomorrow, would you vote Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president and why would you chose one over the other?” asked Harper’s Bazaar Executive Editor Laura Brown.

Boos immediately cascaded from the crowd when Trump’s name was mentioned. Trump formerly owned the Miss USA pageant.

Hardin looked surprised and then recovered as she said, “I would get that, right?”

She continued, “All I have to say … it doesn’t matter what gender. What we need in the United States is someone who represents those of us who feel like we don’t have a voice. Those of us who want our voices heard. We need a president who will push for what is right and who will push for what America really needs. Thank you.”

Viewers watching on Twitter scored the question low, but the answer high.

“No matter what answer Chelsea gave she would’ve alienated half of the audience (if not more), which wouldn’t have made her look good,” wrote John S. Roberts on Young Conservatives. “This isn’t a political debate. Was the next question going to be, ‘What are your plans for dealing with radical Islamic terrorism?’ Come on.”

Hardin became the first runner-up. Miss District of Columbia, Deshauna Barber, was the winner.

h/t: Young Conservatives

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