WATCH – ‘Defeat Crooked Hillary’ Group Launches EPIC Anti-Hillary Ad to TAKE HER DOWN

Hillary Clinton is right about one thing—American voters need to take a long look at her record before they go to the polls in November. A viral news ad puts the extensive foreign policy and national security record of the Clintons into perfect perspective.

“Once again, we just witnessed multiple horrific ISIS terrorist attacks right here in America,” said Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC Communications Director Hogan Gidley about his group’s ad.

Gidley went on to reference the recent knife attack by a Muslim refugee at a Minnesota mall to further define Hillary’s failure to grasp the importance of necessary national security measures.

“ISIS promises even more death and destruction, but Hillary won’t even acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism is to blame,” he added.

The “Do Nothing” ad began airing yesterday and will be shown in the all-important swing states as well as on social media.

Hillary previously said she would be utilizing Bill Clinton’s skills to help her run the country—in a purely trusted adviser fashion, of course.

If Bill Clinton had taken the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and Osama bin Laden seriously during the USS Cole attack, there might not have been a 9/11 terror attack.

Because Osama bin Laden was allowed to grow his power, money, and militant recruits, nearly 3,000 people died on September 11th over 15 years ago.

Thousands more lost life and limb fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq as a result.

“For decades, Hillary Clinton has shown a disturbing history of ignoring serious threats to America and doing absolutely nothing to fight back against our enemies. And whether Americans are under attack and action is immediately required, or whether we have been attacked and retaliation is necessary, Hillary Clinton consistently refuses to lift a finger,” Hogan Gidley also pointed out.

America has been without the strong leader we deserve for far too long.

We cannot elect another politically correct career politician and survive as a sovereign nation and a free people.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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