WATCH: Democratic Congressman Admits On Camera That Democratic ‘Sit-In’ Is A Fundraising Stunt

The shamelessness on the part of Democrats is breathtaking.

For the past 24 hours, Congressional Democrats have engaged in a “sit-in” on the floor of the House of Representatives, claiming that they’re protesting Speaker Paul Ryan’s failure call for a vote on gun-control legislation. This afternoon, Speaker Ryan responded, accusing Democrats of engaging in a “political stunt”:

During a press conference this afternoon, Ryan also noted that Democrats were fundraising off of the sit-in. “They are not trying to get this done through regular order,” Ryan told reporters. “They’re staging protests; they’re trying to get on TV; they are sending fundraising solicitations.”

Paul Ryan isn’t alone in saying that the Democratic sit in is a stunt. As a matter of fact, Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of California admitted as much in a recent interview.

“If Speaker Ryan doesn’t want the Democratic Committee to be politicking on this issue, he has to schedule a vote, that’s the solution,” Sherman told a CNN panel.

There you have it.

Democrats are “politicking” on the House floor by holding up the pictures of the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack. It’s all about political gain and fundraising dollars. When he was taken to task on his comment, Sherman offered a bizarre defense.

“I don’t find [politicking] to be a dirty word,” Sherman told the perplexed panel.

Watch Congressman Sherman admit Democrats are “politicking” off of the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack:

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