WATCH: Dems Furious After Local Reporter Exposes Part of DNC We Shouldn’t Have Seen

I usually don’t go for the obvious “gotcha” posts, but this one is too good to pass up!

Here’s a reporter talking about the yuge fence that the Democrats are erecting around their convention for security:

Hmmmm. I thought if you build a 7 foot fence, someone will just bring an 8 foot ladder?!?! Of COURSE Democrats are hypocrites about the security of the country and their own security! If they weren’t hypocrites, they’d be conservatives!!!

Here’s how NBC described it a month ago:

Security at the Sports Complex during the Democratic National Convention next month will include “no-scale fencing” to enclose the Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live!, the Secret Service special agent in charge said in an interview Thursday.

Wait a minute… “no-scale fencing”?! Why can’t they put that at the border?!?! Jerks.

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