WATCH: Dick Van Dyke Just LOST It On CNN Over What They Pulled During His Interview–‘Extreme Bias’

Just days after Dick Van Dyke was seen cutting a rug, dancing on stage at the age of 90 at a Bernie Sanders rally, the actor and comedian is singing a different tune today.

The actor — probably best known for his work in the movie Mary Poppins and as the star of the classic 1960s sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Showis perturbed by CNN’s coverage of his 10-minute interview on the cable news network.

While Van Dyke gave a 10-minute interview in which he voiced his support for Bernie Sanders, the network apparently only aired three minutes and cut to coverage of Donald Trump, whose campaign Van Dyke considers to be a “circus.”

Van Dyke posted to Facebook, “Last night CNN International CNN gave me ten minutes live to talk about Bernie Sanders who has been scantily covered by them in favor of the Donald J. Trump circus. It was pre-empted completely to cover another outburst by Trump.”

Van Dyke called it pandering to an audience more interested in sensationalism than policy issues and accused CNN of being unprofessional. Van Dyke wrote, “This pandering to the scandal hungry public is a total lack of responsible journalism. I accuse CNN of extreme bias.”

Van Dyke then included a link to the three-minute version of his 10-minute interview. In the interview, Van Dyke said Sanders has been telling the truth and Van Dyke believes his grandchildren “will be living in an oligarchy” if things don’t change.

He added he believes Sanders still has a chance at beating Hillary Clinton, saying “he’s nipping at her heels” right now.

Van Dyke said he’d be voting for Clinton if Sanders doesn’t win the Democratic nomination, adding Trump “has been a magnet to all the hidden racists and xenophobes in the country, and that’s who’s supporting him.”

Of course, Trump supporters will probably take umbrage at being called racists, which is precisely what Van Dyke generalized them to be. Van Dyke said he’s afraid for the country and the world by saying he, “hasn’t been this scared since the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

h/t: Independent Journal

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